We are criminal defense lawyers
Amsterdam who  assist
individuals and companies

Criminal defense lawyers Amsterdam

We are criminal defense lawyers in Amsterdam who assist individuals and companies throughout the Netherlands that are suspected of committing criminal offences. Dekens Pijnenburg Criminal Lawyers strives to provide the highest quality of legal assistance. That is why our criminal lawyers limit themselves to only one area of law: criminal law.

In particular, our criminal defense lawyers are specialists in cases involving murder and manslaughter (crimes of violence), but our criminal lawyers also act on a daily basis in drug and sexual assault cases. In addition, because we regularly provide legal aid to journalists, we specialise in cases in which freedom of expression is under discussion. We provide assistance in all types of cases, including cases before the Supreme Court.

If you are suspected of a criminal offence, it is important to find out what your position is as soon as possible. You can always contact us by telephone for an appointment, after which an initial interview will follow as soon as possible (if possible, the same day). During this first meeting you will be explained what your legal position is and what the legal possibilities are. We can prepare you for the police interrogation and possibly assist you during this police interrogation.

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